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Membership is now full, all requests will be put on to the waiting list.



With the current Covid 19 situation the country finds itself in and with the current limitations and guidelines which the government have set, it will not be possible to conduct the opening night swim draw in the same way as previous years.

Set out below is the planned process that has been devised to enable a swim draw to be conducted fairly whilst enabling the Committee to be in a position to monitor what is always a very busy period of the opening night to ensure all government guidelines are adhered to. It is appreciated that this is not ideal and will not please everyone but it is deemed the only way to conduct a random fair start to the season for all members.

1. Anyone wishing to enter the draw must arrive at the complex between the hours of 9 and 11 am on Sunday 7th June 2020. This will hopefully stagger the amount of people arriving at any one time and there will be no advantage to arriving either early or late.
On arrival you will find the complex gate already open.

2. Upon entering the complex, you will be greeted by a member of the Committee. You must NOT get out of your car. When the Committee member approaches your vehicle, you will show them your 2020/21 membership book against the window and your details will be taken. You will then notify the Committee member which lake you hope to draw a swim for on the opening night. Your name will then go into a hat for that lake.

3. You will leave the complex immediately after the above process has been completed. You will not be allowed to leave your vehicle for any reason.

At 11.00 am the gates to the complex will be locked.

The Committee members who have collected the information will draw the swims for each lake with members names in one hat and swim numbers in another. The name of the member will be drawn first, followed by the swim they have drawn. Once all names and swims have been drawn the draw will close.
The full details of the swim draw will be posted on both the CDAS Facebook page and the club website. Any member who does not have access to either of these platforms should make a member of the committee aware of this when attending the swim draw so that alternative arrangements can be made to notify them.

Regrettably there will be members who will potentially not draw a swim depending on numbers involved on the day and members who will not be happy with the swim they have drawn but this is just like every other swim draw and whilst not ideal it is the only way that the club can observe an opening night whilst ensuring the safety of both its members and the Committee members themselves.

For this year only and to ensure that exact numbers of attendees on site for the opening night are known and kept to an acceptable level to comply with the general Covid 19 guidelines on social distancing, only members who have drawn a swim will be able to access the complex on the opening night.

No member will be able to turn up at the complex to drop into an available swim this year and members who do arrive without a designated swim will not be granted access to the complex.

On June 14th between the hours of 2 -6 pm the complex will be open for any member who has drawn a swim to attend and rake their swim in readiness for the following evening. At 6.00 pm, the complex will again need to be vacated by all members until midday on 15th June.

On June 15th, the complex gates will be unlocked at midday and will be locked again at 1900 hours after which time no member will be able to access or leave the complex until 0700 hours on the morning of June 16th.

There will be a further directive concerning expected conduct from members to fully observe all Covid 19 related guidelines in the next few days and all members are asked to please read it very carefully. It will contain important information about some additional interim rules which will need to be imposed to enable the complex to open safely and all members will need to adhere to these in addition to the rules and bylaws already set out in their membership books until such time as all government restrictions on Covid 19 are lifted.

Thank you all for your co-operation and understanding to enable the Committee to get the complex up and running from the opening night. Everyone is more than aware that logistics for everything at the moment are challenging and your Committee are doing their utmost to keep you all safe while you are on the complex but still enable you to enjoy your fishing over the coming weeks and months.

CDAS Membership Secretary Update
Wednesday 20th May 2020

Booking onto PDAC waters
Slots available to CDAS members DAYS only 7am to 7pm
Coombe Pond, Nyewood Ponds, Bo Peep Pond

DO NOT fish in swims marked with hazard tape.


Go to PDAC website and follow link on home page
“Take Me To Booking System”
Read the rules and instructions and
scroll to bottom of page double click on
“take me to bookings”

Register and fill in all your details using your Chichester membership number instead of the PDAC number. Book a slot.

There is a help line no if you have issues.

Make sure you have the confirmation on your phone or a hard copy and your CDAS book when you visit the waters.
Car park permits are available through the CDAS, SAS tackle and from Steve Chapman of the PDAC based in Bognor call 07510 676729
to arrange to collect a car permit.

You are allowed to book 2 slots every rolling seven days.

All the lakes have been adapted to allow social distancing so we have a limited number of swims available each day
10 on Nyewood and Coombe and 5 on Bo Peep.

Please note gate codes have changed this year
and are on the pack of the car park permit.

CDAS Membership Secretary Update
Friday 1st May 2020

As the usual cutoff date for renewals has now passed,
the Membership Secretary would like to gauge how many of the club's members
who have opted to take advantage of the renewal extension period until 31st July,
are definitely intending to issue their confirmations within the next 13 weeks.

Can anyone who falls into this category please contact the Membership Secretary by email text or phone
at their earliest opportunity to enable her to reserve your membership place.

Please also remember that until such time as a membership has been confirmed
by means of the issue of a new membership book,
no access to the complex for any reason is permissible and a period of 21 days
between sending in a renewal and receipt of a membership book needs to be allowed for.

Thank you for your kind attention to this request.
It is greatly appreciated to assist with the continued smooth running of the club.

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Dear members,
It is clear that many of you are currently concerned about how the Committee
will deal with renewals given that some of you will
unfortunately have unexpected financial restraints as a result of the current crisis.

The reason that there has been a short delay in putting up a post on this matter
is because it is vital for the right options to be made available to those most in need
of assistance while ensuring that the Society can continue to function
and pay its bill's until we come out of the other side of this horrible time.

Any member who has not already renewed will receive their final reminder shortly
and there will be a covering enclosure setting out how
those who need to can be allowed some additional breathing space.
It is hoped that only members who genuinely need to take advantage
of this will do so and in this way the Committee will endeavour
to ensure every existing member can keep their memberships intact if they wish to.

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Membership is now full, all requests will be put on to the waiting list.


After routinely reviewing cctv it is noticeable that
some members are still not dipping sufficiently.
The whole of the mat / cradle must be totally covered by the disinfectant solution.
Leaving the mat folded up inside the case and dipping the case
is not sufficient as you cannot guarantee the folded-up
equipment gets coated with solution.
Please ensure you take all parts of the mats cradles out of its cover bags
and dip them individually, thus ensuring all parts are covered.


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