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Dear Members,
It will be necessary to close both Long Lake and Little Long for a few hours on Sunday 23rd January to enable the Committee to relocate some of the fish.
It is envisaged that this will take at least the morning to complete and so can all members please use an alternative area of the complex for the duration of this process.
Dear Members,
*Following on from the recent post on avian flu, the Committee have discussed and agreed that the Fishery Manager Richard Silvester,
will be permitted to take his dog on site when he undertakes cormorant shooting.
The reason for this is that his dog will be able to collect the shot cormorants straight away
rather than waiting for any that land in a lake to drift to the edge or have to get a boat out to collect them.
This will ensure no member will come across any birds which have been despatched by this method
and think they may have found a diseased bird which needs reporting.
This sanction is only granted to Mr Silvester when he is on site to undertake shooting of cormorants
and the dog will be kept on a lead at all times he is not required to retrieve birds from the water.
It is hoped members will appreciate that this decision has been made to serve a specific purpose
and not as a general agreement to have a dog on site at any time outside of the requirements outlined above.
*Please go to club news if you wish to read the post.


This website aims to provide you with all the information you need to know about our waters,
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Whether you are a pleasure, match or specimen angler,
the Club can offer you superb fishing, where you are able to park securely,
enjoy excellent fishing in wonderful surroundings and wildlife.
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The Bait Limit is 2kg
per 24 Hour Session

Barbless Hooks to be used on
Quarry, Long & Little long.

No 24 hour guests tickets are not available
for the foreseeable future.

Post code for the complex
PO19 8PB

After routinely reviewing cctv it is noticeable that
some members are still not dipping sufficiently.
The whole of the mat / cradle must be totally covered by the disinfectant solution.
Leaving the mat folded up inside the case and dipping the case
is not sufficient as you cannot guarantee the folded-up
equipment gets coated with solution.
Please ensure you take all parts of the mats cradles out of its cover bags
and dip them individually, thus ensuring all parts are covered.

Going fishing today in
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weather forecast before you head off!

Arun & Rother Rivers Trust
Protect, conserve, and enhance the rivers, streams,
watercourses and water impoundments in the Arun and Rother catchments.
Work closely with all interested parties to highlight the need for proper water management.

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