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Dear Members,

Many of you will have seen the latest Angling Trust statement that local fishing during daylight hours is permissible if you can do so within your own district.

Some members have raised their personal thoughts on this subject and the Committee has therefore made the following decision: -

It remains the decision of the Committee to keep the complex closed at the present time and it is hoped that members will embrace this decision which is not made lightly but reflects the overriding need to do what is necessary to keep members safe, avoid excluding the vast majority of members who do not live in the Chichester District Post Code PO19 and avoid putting our bailiffs at unnecessary personal risk.

The Committee now invites any member who is unhappy with this decision to return their membership book and key(s) to the Secretary who will cancel their membership forthwith and refund the unused portion of the current season’s fees. Anyone taking up this option will be deemed to no longer be a member of CDAS and if they wish to rejoin at a future point in time will need to apply as a prospective new member and go on to the waiting list accordingly.

It is very much hoped that the majority of members will bear with the Committee over this extremely challenging time but for those who feel they cannot accept the decision being made, there is now an alternative option available for those who wish to take it.

It is hoped that this directive will now enable all members to decide whether to support the Committee and the decisions they make, or cease their membership now and lose the opportunity to utilise the complex again when things improve and general restrictions on everyday life are lifted not just for anglers but for everyone.

Dear Members,

The Committee are currently looking at the possibility of an adjustment to the usual close season
if the complex needs to remain closed for several weeks.
More information on this will be available in due course.

Following the latest announcement from the Government yesterday,
the members of the Committee have again fully discussed the situation in respect of the Quarry Lane complex.

Regrettably the Committee remain of the opinion that while the Chichester area remains
under Tier 4 -stay at home - restrictions it is not viable to reopen the complex.

It is fully appreciated that fishing remains an acceptable pastime locally, even in Tier 4,
but the Society's membership covers a large catchment area with the majority of members living at least several miles away.
It is only democratic to try to treat all members the same for at least as long as the Tier 4 restrictions remain in force.

The Committee will continue to discuss things in line with the Government announcements and will keep you all informed accordingly.

I am sure this post will not please all of our members but the Committee would like to express their thanks to the large numbers of messages of support
they have been receiving. It is not easy to make these tough choices and hopefully it will not need to be for too long.
Dear members,
Following todays announcement that Sussex will move into tier 4 from midnight on 25th December,
the Committee have spoken extensively about how to respond to the change.
While the Angling Trust are broadcasting that fishing can continue,
they are not currently taking account of the government directive to stay local
and not leave the village, town or area of the city you live in except for essential reasons.
There is clearly a strong message from the government to reduce people travelling
and thus contain the new and more virulent strain of the virus,
and with things moving so quickly and changes happening almost daily,
the Committee have now made a decision which takes everything we currently know into account.
It is with regret that the decision has been made to close the complex
with effect from midnight on 25th December until such time as things settle down
and there is much more clarity in what is both legally and morally acceptable.
The biggest priority for all of us now is to do whatever it takes to get the virus back under control
by observing the guidelines and it is hoped that this decision will not need to be enforced for any longer than absolutely necessary.
Matters will be regularly reviewed by the Committee and further notifications posted to keep everyone fully informed.

Following on from the decision yesterday to temporarily close the complex there has thankfully been a large volume of support for the decision.
However, some members are questioning the decision due to the Angling Trust stating that fishing can continue.
The Committee did not reach their decision lightly but made it based on a number of factors.
1. The overriding message from the Government is to only leave home
as infrequently as possible for as short a period of time as possible and to "stay local "
2. The fact that almost 75% of our membership live outside of the PO19/20 postcode area
and would therefore have had to be excluded which was deemed unfair and undemocratic
when all members pay the same amount of money every year and should
be entitled to the same opportunities to use the complex wherever possible.
And last but not least, over 700 more people died in the UK yesterday and while Chichester itself currently has nowhere
near the same number of Covid cases as areas of London and Kent,
it is now more vital than ever to do whatever it takes to try to keep our members safe,
and stopping unnecessary travel seems currently to be the only proven way to contain this terrible virus.
Please bear with the Committee on this and as previously stated,
matters will be reviewed regularly and you will be updated accordingly.
It is probably worth reminding you all that all bar 1 of the current Committee are themselves anglers
like all of you and are no happier to find themselves in this situation than any of our members.
This website aims to provide you with all the information you need to know about our waters,
membership, and the range of fishing you will be able to enjoy.

Please left click/tap GDPR for our full GDPR statement (in PDF format).

Whether you are a pleasure, match or specimen angler,
the Club can offer you superb fishing, where you are able to park securely,
enjoy excellent fishing in wonderful surroundings and wildlife and who knows...
you may even catch a fish of a life time!

News Update 21/11/2020

To whomever left the fridge pack of empty Stella cans (see photo)
in the bushes behind pegs 1/2 of Quarry, thank you so very much!
If this type of disgusting behaviour continues the Committee will have no alternative but to consider their options to put a permanent stop to this.
Why any member thinks this sort of display of blatant disregard for the complex is acceptable, beggars belief.
Whoever is the guilty party, be warned that such action carrys a lifetime expulsion. Is it really worth taking that chance?

News Update 19/11/2020

Dear Members,
With so many of you using the complex at the moment,
it has become apparent that some members are not being terribly considerate when parking their vehicles.
Please can you all only park on the shingled areas of the top and bottom car parks and avoid all of the grass verges.
If there are no spaces in the bottom car park, which seems to be the main problem area,
please unload your gear and park up the top where there is generally much more space.
Your observance of this request is greatly appreciated.

News Update 15/11/2020

New carp stocking for Whyke and Churchyard please go to Club News (Carp Stocking).

Left click/tap December 2020 Newsletter PDF

It would be a good time to familiarize yourselves
with the rules as we tend to forget some of them


The Bait Limit is 2kg
per 24 Hour Session

Barbless Hooks to used on
Quarry, Long & Little long.

No 24 hour tickets will be available
for the foreseeable future.

Post code for the complex
PO19 8PB

After routinely reviewing cctv it is noticeable that
some members are still not dipping sufficiently.
The whole of the mat / cradle must be totally covered by the disinfectant solution.
Leaving the mat folded up inside the case and dipping the case
is not sufficient as you cannot guarantee the folded-up
equipment gets coated with solution.
Please ensure you take all parts of the mats cradles out of its cover bags
and dip them individually, thus ensuring all parts are covered.


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