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All Members Please Note

Membership Renewal
Before sending the back
of your book with your renewal form.
Please make sure you have a copy either
on your phone (photo) or a scanned copy.

Spod and Spomb Ban
A PDF explaining the reasons can be found here.
Please left click/tap Spod and Spomb Ban
Dear Members, As the complex has now been open for approaching 4 weeks,
the Committee would like to take this opportunity to raise a few points that require your attention please.
The Committee would initially like to thank you all for a calm and controlled start to the re-opening
and hope you are all enjoying your fishing after the enforced period of closure.
Some of the photos on Facebook indicate that many of you are enjoying some exceptional catches.
Many of you will be aware that we currently have a lot of new birdlife on the complex as well as expectant mums sitting on nests.
Please take extra care over the next few weeks and as much as possible try not to disturb the youngsters.
It is appreciated that you may not relish a mum and her chicks in the proximity of your swim
but please be patient until they move on and give them the best possible chance of survival.
Many of you are asking about guest tickets and the Committee will be discussing this at the next meeting.
Up until now it has been perceived that a period of time without guests has given members a good opportunity
to use the complex while attendee numbers have been high.
Guest tickets will obviously be reintroduced at a point in time where it is viable,
without resulting in too many people on site at one time.
We must continue to take social distancing into account for a while longer yet.
One disturbing matter that needs addressing is the amount of discarded
and broken line and rigs which is already abundant on Churchyard Lake in particular.
With such a shallow lake, lily pads and reeds, tethered fish is a constant problem
and anglers are asked to please try to reduce the instances of lost line and tethered fish by casting with more care and attention.
A distressing photograph of one of the new fish added to Churchyard last year with a terribly damaged mouth
and carting large amounts of broken line is far from ideal and your help in trying to avoid repeats of this type of situation is greatly appreciated.
Thank you all for your co-operation and assistance with the above.

Dear members,
Please be reminded to check your rule book before this unusual season restarts on
Monday 29th March 2021.
As a reminder we have listed a few rules which are different to the period as we entered lockdown.
Please take time to familiarise yourself with the rules.

This website aims to provide you with all the information you need to know about our waters,
membership, and the range of fishing you will be able to enjoy.

Please left click/tap GDPR for our full GDPR statement (in PDF format).

Whether you are a pleasure, match or specimen angler,
the Club can offer you superb fishing, where you are able to park securely,
enjoy excellent fishing in wonderful surroundings and wildlife and who knows...
you may even catch a fish of a life time!

It would be a good time to familiarize yourselves
with the rules as we tend to forget some of them


The Bait Limit is 2kg
per 24 Hour Session

Barbless Hooks to be used on
Quarry, Long & Little long.

No 24 hour tickets will be available
for the foreseeable future.

Post code for the complex
PO19 8PB

After routinely reviewing cctv it is noticeable that
some members are still not dipping sufficiently.
The whole of the mat / cradle must be totally covered by the disinfectant solution.
Leaving the mat folded up inside the case and dipping the case
is not sufficient as you cannot guarantee the folded-up
equipment gets coated with solution.
Please ensure you take all parts of the mats cradles out of its cover bags
and dip them individually, thus ensuring all parts are covered.


Barbless Hooks to be used on Quarry, Long & Little long.

Going fishing today in
Then check out the latest
weather forecast before you head off!

Arun & Rother Rivers Trust
Protect, conserve, and enhance the rivers, streams,
watercourses and water impoundments in the Arun and Rother catchments.
Work closely with all interested parties to highlight the need for proper water management.

Horizon Angling Club
Promoting the Sport of Angling for the Disabled

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