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2020-21 SEASON

It is appreciated that due to the extraordinary situation the country finds itself in with the Coronovirus pandemic,
you have been subjected to numerous posts about what is deemed necessary to keep everyone safe
while using the complex and your positive responses really are greatly appreciated.

There is one final item that you need to be aware of as the new season gets underway.

With the very dry Spring and unusually warm weather,
the Committee have invested in a further couple or aerators
so that there are sufficient numbers for all the lakes.
These aerators will be running intermittently for the foreseeable future
to assist with oxygenation and your understanding of the necessity for this course of action is greatly appreciated.
The aerators have been positioned to cause anglers the minimum amount of affect
possible but please do not attempt to tamper with any of the equipment or turn it off at any time.

For the foreseeable future, the way every member uses the complex will need to adjust to accommodate the ongoing Covid 19 crisis
and the Committee have needed to implement some additional controls to ensure that the complex remains fully compliant with government directives
and keeps its members as safe as possible while they are using the facilities.

Anti-bacterial hand sanitiser stations will be set up at the entry to the complex and in the vicinity of the toilet block.
Members will also carry their own hand sanitiser as an addition to using these facilities.

High grade anti-bacterial soap will be available in both the ladies and gents’ toilets and members are asked to observe regular
and thorough hand washing when using the toilets.
The toilet block will be cleaned on a regular basis but all members are asked to leave the facilities in good order.

Clear signage will be displayed around the complex showing the governments Covid 19 directives
and all members will need to observe these guidelines 100% of the time to protect themselves as well as other members.

Bailiffs will be undertaking an increased number of checks to ensure all members are not only observing the usual rules and bylaws
as set out in your membership book but also observing social distancing and hygiene requirements.
All Bailiffs and Committee members will have the power to request any member failing
to observe these measures to leave the complex immediately and strong sanctions
will be levied on any member who is found to be putting any other member at potential risk
by failing to fully observe all the Covid 19 related guidelines.

The Society intends to observe a minimum 5 metre distancing measure around the complex in respect of open swims.
If deemed necessary, some swims which are too close together
will need be closed off and no member should attempt to fish these swims which will be clearly marked.

Finally, and as the complex is expected to be very busy this season, especially while so few leisure activities are accessible.

No guest or 24 tickets will be available for the foreseeable future.

All of the above will be regularly reviewed by the Committee and adjusted in line with
alterations to the government directives over the coming weeks and months.
As the season gets underway, it may prove necessary for the Committee to implement some form
of control over the number of members attending site at any one time.
Numbers will be closely monitored and if possible and within safety limits, the complex will be open to all members in the usual way.
Members should however continually check the Society’s social media platforms for any updates
on this to avoid a wasted journey if some form of advance booking process is necessary

If there’s a scenario when an angler is in trouble with a fish or feeling unwell and needs the
urgent assistance of someone else then of course as a club we would advocate that as an emergency need.
They can still maximise distance by moving back to
swim whilst netting occurs or moving away whilst fish in mat.
The bailiff’s duty is to advise and help and under these circumstances obviously no action would be taken.
If anglers abuse this and claim they need help when they don’t actually need it this will be dealt with very differently.

Common sense needs to prevail.

Make regular visits to the CDAS Facebook Page and/or the CDAS Website
as all important information will be posted in both places as well as on the front gate,
to keep you all up to date with any changes that may affect you as the season progresses.

The Committee extends its advance thanks to you all for observing all of the above and if every member will
embrace these alterations then the complex should be the safe environment it needs to be for all its members this season.

Club Matches
For the duration of the virus restrictions please could anybody wishing to fish club matches wherever
possible book in advance with either Kerry on 07954 177 416 or Bruce on 07712 652 409
so as to be able to gauge our pegging distances and draw arrangements beforehand.

The matches on July 12th, 19th & 26th have been cancelled.

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After routinely reviewing cctv it is noticeable that
some members are still not dipping sufficiently.
The whole of the mat / cradle must be totally covered by the disinfectant solution.
Leaving the mat folded up inside the case and dipping the case
is not sufficient as you cannot guarantee the folded-up
equipment gets coated with solution.
Please ensure you take all parts of the mats cradles out of its cover bags
and dip them individually, thus ensuring all parts are covered.


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