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Monday April 15th 2024



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Newsletter Winter 2023

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Dear Members,

This post will be updated as the work schedule is developed over the coming days and weeks to try to keep disruption to the bare minimum and as always, your understanding of and adherence to these directives is greatly appreciated.


Dear members

Sorry for the short notice but the tree surgeon can work on our complex tomorrow 5th April due to a cancellation of another job. The causeway down to secrets on the yard will be closed from 9.00am till 16.00pm. Anybody already set up now. We will work round you but please support this work as it is urgent

Thank you for your patience in this matter


Dear members,

Due to essential tree work and maintenance on Quarry & Whyke lakes on Thursday 4th April 2024

Quarry lake road bank will be closed and there will be some disruption to the rest of Quarry & Whyke lakes

This work will be carried out between 8.00am to 17.00pm.

Please bear this in mind when fishing.

Thank you for your patience in this matter


Dear Members,
A full walk of the complex today from a Health and Safety perspective has resulted in a decision to immediately close off the Bridge on Whyke Lake which is nearly floating now, and all swims on the island will therefore also be inaccessible.
In addition to this, pegs 4-9 on the factory bank of Quarry Lake are now also closed until water levels subside radically.
Please can all anglers also carry wellies with them at all times, when visiting the complex, as multiple swims are now only useable with proper footwear.


Dear Members,

Following months of dry weather, mother nature has redressed the balance and more in recent weeks. Several swim fronts are already under water and members fishing any swim which is affected will need to have their wellies to hand in order to safely net their catches without damaging the fish.

If you do turn up on site without wellies it is essential that you do not attempt to utilise any swim where the front of the swim is under water.


Dear Members,

The Fishery Manager has decided that with high water levels and good water quality, it is in order to temporarily increase the bait allowance accordingly.

With immediate effect, members can bring a maximum of 4kg of bait per 24 hour session.


Dear Members,

It has been necessary to release two of our larger fish which had become tethered recently, and whilst this was being undertaken, it transpired that one of them had a severely damaged mouth due to the fact that it had been caught on a barbed hook.

Damaging our fish stocks when using any item of equipment which is not permissible is not in any way acceptable and if any bailiff finds a member using barbed hooks while doing their rig checks, they will be booked for the misdemeanour and a very strong sanction will be served as a result.

Please check your tackle before you next attend site and if you are currently still using barbed hooks, please ensure you change your rigs to comply with the clear rule in your Membership Book.

Great news, day tickets for our club are now available to purchase locally.


There have been many enquiries about 24 hour guest tickets in recent weeks.

This has been discussed by the Committee, and with extremely high water levels already submerging some swims, there is a very real chance that it will be necessary to close off badly affected swims as Winter approaches.

Due to this probability, and to ensure all members can continue to find empty swims even at busy times, no 24 hour tickets will be available for the remainder of the current season.

Your understanding on the reason for this decision is greatly appreciated.

Dear Members,
We are currently carrying out some essential maintenance and swim repairs around the complex as some of you may be aware already.
If possible these works will be done while keeping all the lakes open but you may find that on occasion your chosen swim on the day may not be available.
Please can all members show suitable courtesy and understanding during this process as the alternative would be to close completely for whatever time it takes to complete these works which would undoubtedly be an unpopular alternative option if it were to prove necessary.


Dear Members,

Many of you will have seen the discussion on the Facebook page relating to the “magic twig ” product which has recently been extensively promoted.

With very mixed reviews thus far, the jury is currently out on the suitability of this item but for the time being a decision has been made to NOT allow members to use it anywhere on site.

Hopefully this will stop any member spending money on something which may end up being permanently excluded but that decision will be made in due course and broadcast on the usual platforms.


Following a query from a member, the Committee wish to remind everyone that the sacking of fish is forbidden and only holding fish in a weigh sling with buoyancy aids, for the minimal amount of time required to get equipment ready for weighing and taking photos, is permitted. Landed fish should be returned to the water as outlined in bylaw 3:21.
The wording will be altered in the 2024/5 membership book to avoid any further ambiguity in this respect.

Wading is not permitted, the only exception being to safely land or release a fish after capture and only if its safe to do so. Margins can be dangerous.

Always ensure you have a safe footing if you need to enter the water and assistance if you feel it may be required.

Be aware you enter the water at your own risk.


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Carp Nov 2023

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