From Dawn to Dusk to Dawn
Fishing one of life's pleasures


This is probably the jewel in our crown.
With a large head of carp up to the mid thirties as well as bream to 14lb and lots of big tench, pike, roach and rudd.

Lakes 1 & 2 (Whyke 1 swims 1-20 & 40 Whyke 2 swims 21-36 ) are actually joined by a single narrow channel
and the fish are free to frequent which ever lake they wish.
These lakes become somewhat weedy during the early summer months,
but not as much as Churchyard, plenty of open water can be found.

These lakes can produce a bumper catch on the right day,
with severral 20lb plus fish in a session.
All methods such as float fishing, ledgering work well.

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Swim 1 Car Park Reeds Swim 2 Swim 3 Swim 4 Swim 5 Pylon Swim 6 Swim 7 Swim 8 Swim 9 Swim 10 Swim 11 Swim 12 Deep Corner Swim 13 Swim 14 Swim 15 Swim 16 Swim 17 Tarmac Swim 18 1st Tree Tunnel Swim 19 2nd Tree Tunnel Swim 20 Front Boards Swim 21 Front Point Swim 22 Beaches Swim 23 Pads Swim 24 1st Dugout Swim 25 2nd Dugout Swim 26 Bungalows Swim 27 Turfs Swim 28 Steps Swim 29 Little Island Swim 30 1st Willows Swim 31 2nd Willows Swim 32 3rd Willows Swim 33 Corner Swim Swim 34 Causeway Swim 35 Causeway Swim 36 Swim 37 Back Channel Swim 38 Back Channel Swim 39 Back Point Swim 40 Front Only