Warden: Ted Gray 02392 641169 Bailiff: Trevor Cawte 02392 378947

Nyewood Ponds contains two ponds (Upper & Lower), and are both approx 2 acres in size.
The two ponds are stocked with Carp to 23lbs, Perch, Roach, Rudd and Tench.

1. Fishing is from dawn to dusk except between1st October and
1st February when the water must be cleared by 4pm.
2. No cross stocking between ponds.
3. One rod only, to be used between 1st March and 31st October.
Two rods can be used in the other months.
4. Barbless or microbarbed hooks only,
no hooks to be larger than SIZE 8.
5. Fishing from defined swims only
6. Do not walk or enter roped off areas, keep to the defined paths.
7. Keepnets can be used for silverfish only (5hrs max).
For competitions 2 carp safe keepnets are required,
and no carp over 10lbs to be retained.
8. Members may purchase tickets for guests on the bank
£10 and £5 for concessionary tickets.
9. Juveniles fishing with an adult and using
the same swim fish free of charge.
10. All nets must be dry on arrival at the ponds,
so to avoid the spread of disease.
11. No key will be needed to access the complex,
but the top gate must be closed at all times.
12. All cars must display a club parking permit.
13. Guide dogs only.
14. Boilies can be used (1 kilo max).
15. No floating baits.
16. All general water rules apply.
17. NO BRAID of any form to be used.
18. Dam wall areas may be fished from
if it does not interfere with other anglers.

Parking permits are available from
Southern Angling Specialists,
2 Stockbridge Place, Chichester.
Tel 01243 531669

You will need to show your MEMBERSHIP BOOK at all times.

Additonal Info:
Before you go please Left click/Tap
Nyewood Ponds
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Members of CDAS should refer to the above website for further guidance/rules for PDAC waters.

Postcode: GU31 5JJ

Nyewood Pond
Nyewood Ponds Rogate