Harting Coombe Pond

Wardens: Rich Powell 07922 140323  Wendy Powell 07922 140418
Wardens: Steve Adlam 01730 286030  Chris Adlam 07766 661656

Harting Coombe Pond is a small and intimate 4 acre pond in a woodland setting.
This pond contains Carp, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Perch and Pike.

Parking only allowed in the car park adjacent to the roadside and the gateway is to be closed at all times.

Lake Rules:
1. Keepnets can be used (5hrs max) for silver fish only,
must be fish friendly.
2. 2 rods to be used, 3 rods allowed from 1st Oct- 31st March
(except for pike)
3. only 2kg dry ground bait 1pt of pellet permitted.
4.Fishing from defined swims only.
5. Barbless or micro barbed hooks only.
6. No nut baits of any kind all other particles baits to be prepared
correctly, a limit of 2 kilo (dry) per session,No floating baits.
7. Boilies may be used ( 1 kilo max per 24hrs ).
8. No tins, cans, or glass jars etc.
10. Juniors under 16 to be accompanied at all times by an adult.
11. Night fishing from 10pm to sunrise
(a third rod can be used at night as long it does
not encroach on other anglers water.)
12. The public footpath must be kept clear at all times.
13. No carp to be retained, except in competition (10lbs max ).
14. Feeders must be free running.
15. Pike fishing from 1st September to 31st March
(all pike rules apply).
16. Max stay limited to 48 hours.
17. Guest tickets now available to fish both day and night
(48hrs max)
18. Each member can obtain 2 guest tickets per season & must accompany that guest at all times.
Individual guests will be allowed a maximum of 2 x 48 hour tickets per season.
19. Half price concession is available for guests who are entitled
(i.e. Disabled, Senior Citizens, Juniors etc).
Bookings for guests must be made 72 hours in advance.
20. General water rules apply.

Parking permits are available from
Southern Angling Specialists,
2 Stockbridge Place, Chichester.
Tel 01243 531669

You will need to show your MEMBERSHIP BOOK at all times.

Additonal Info:
Before you go please Left click/Tap
Harting Combe Pond
for further information, inc. night fishing.

Members of CDAS should refer to the above website for further guidance/rules for PDAC waters.

Postcode: GU31 5DU

Harting Coombe Lake
Harting Coombe Pond