From Dawn to Dusk to Dawn
Fishing one of life's pleasures


This lake is for the angler that wishes to catch the fish of a life time.

It holds specimen carp, pike, roach, rudd, perch and tench. It can be very weedy in the summer months,
but for those anglers that can come to terms with this...the rewards can be worthwhile.

It is predominently fished by those seeking specimen carp.
There are a number of fish in the high 30's of which one or more are over the
magic 40lb barrier at some point each season.

To some, the low stocking of the carp in this lake can seem rather daunting,
but there are those who see it as a challenge.

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Swim 1 Disabled Swim 2 Swim 3 Plateau Swim 4 Pads Swim 5 Swans Crossing Swim 6 Closed Swim 7 Pipe Swim Swim 8 End of Causeway Swim 9 1st Dugout Swim 10 2nd Dugout Swim 11 3rd Dugout Swim 12 Gallows Swim 13 Secret Swim Swim 14 Rons Corner Swim 15 Dead Willow Swim 16 Chinese Swim 17 Pulpit Swim 18 Coots Nest Swim 19 Puke Swim 20 Reeds Swim 21   51 Swim 22 Sunken Road Swim 23 Human Swim 24 Steps Swim 25 Shitty Corner Swim 26 Coffin Swim 27 Point Swim 28 Elephant & Matchsticks Swim 29 Car Park Reeds