Just a quick note primarily for our new members.
We have a licence to shoot a certain number of cormorants every year and as they have started making a regular appearance on site,
please do not be alarmed if you see one of our designated and authorised representatives walking around with a shotgun.
Every endeavour is made to despatch the birds when the complex is quiet so this message is only for information.
As a secondary process, the gas gun will be in operation intermittently and this may also cause concern to any member
who has not been on site while it was active before.
It can seem very loud when you are not expecting it so again this is purely for information purposes.
Hopefully neither of the above will now cause anyone undue concern.

The Committee have discussed and agreed that the Fishery Manager Richard Silvester,
will be permitted to take his dog on site when he undertakes cormorant shooting.
The reason for this is that his dog will be able to collect the shot cormorants straight away
rather than waiting for any that land in a lake to drift to the edge or have to get a boat out to collect them.
This will ensure no member will come across any birds which have been despatched by this method.
This sanction is only granted to Mr Silvester when he is on site to undertake shooting of cormorants
and the dog will be kept on a lead at all times he is not required to retrieve birds from the water.
It is hoped members will appreciate that this decision has been made to serve a specific purpose
and not as a general agreement to have a dog on site at any time outside of the requirements outlined above.

With the new season under way and many new members on site here is a reminder of the type of unhooking mat we allow and do not allow on cdas waters. Cradles or high sided mats are compulsory no matter what species of fish you are targeting. Please ensure you have the correct mat and some form of fish care kit including an antiseptic spray, lotion or liquid before coming on site.
Thank you Cdas Committee
unhooking mats

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