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Further Information

This page contains links to external web sites that provide useful information that may help or improve your fishing. Please note that CDAS cannot be held responsible for the advice, information of views expressed in any of these external web sites, the links are provided for your information only.

Carp Rigs: Safe carp rigs are an absolute MUST.
The following link provides step-by-step instructions and photos to help you construct safe and modern carp rigs.

Fishing in Weed: This is particularly relevant when it comes to fishing Whyke & Churchyard.
Please note that under the 'Make Your Own' section of this article, CDAS does not allow prebaiting or wading.

Surface Fishing: Ever wanted to do a bit of surface fishing but not too sure how to go about it?
This article provides all the information you need to know to get you catching fish off the surface!
Please note there is no surface fishing on Long Lake.

Using Backleads: Knowing when to use backleads and when not to, can make all the difference between catching and blanking.
This article explains the types of backlead available and what situation they are best suited to.