CDAS Match Information

The Club have a very active match fishing scene and take part in a variety of competitions throughout the season.

There is a comprehensive range of club matches and are usually held on a Saturday or Sunday, although during the summer months matches are also held on Tuesdays evenings.

The majority of Club match's are held on Long Lake, however there are a few away venues scattered in amongst the fixture list!

At the beginning of the season or upon joining the Society each member will be provided with dates and venues of the. Society's competitions

All competitions are open to every member with the exception of team matches which may be restricted to a limited number in each team (in such an event the team will be selected by the Competition/Match Secretary).

The Society does hold Junior competitions which are restricted to Junior members only. Juniors can participate in all competitions, including team events if they have obtained sufficient points for consideration.

Points will be awarded in relation to a member's position in a Society competition except where a competition clashes with a team match, i.e 1st - 10points, 2nd - 9 points, 3rd - 8 points etc.
10th position and all competitors weighing in fish at the conclusion of the competition will receive 1 point.

A water which is notified in the Fixture List as being used for a competition is barred to non-competitors two hours before the competition and will remain shut for duration of the match.

Club Competitions

All members are invited to participate in competitions for the following trophies:

♦ The Worley Cup
♦ The Chamber of Commerce Cup
♦ The Poole Cup
♦ The '21' Cup
♦ The Barbecue Shield
♦ The M. Stimpson Memorial Trophy
♦ The Committee Cup (committee members only)
♦ Junior Specimen Awards and The Langley Junior Cup
♦ The Baker Junior Cup
♦ Junior Challenge Cup
♦ Points Trophy Junior
♦ Senior Pike Trophy

Junior and Senior, Points Trophy and Gross Weight Champion is decided as follows:

The Competitor with the highest number of points attained from any eight Club competitions which are open to all Club members excluding the Barbecue, the Pike & Perch and the M. Stimpson Memorial Trophy, shall be declared the individual Points Champion.

For Gross Weight Champion, substitute weight for points in any eight competitions.

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