Junior Fish-in...27th May 2007

It was that time of year again when the Junior Fish In was to take place. This year it was later than usual and hopefully being the end of May the weather would be on our side. Alas it wasn't to be, for the forecast was rain, rain and more rain. Maybe for once the weather forecaster had got it wrong............early that morning it was pretty obvious that it had been forecast correctly.

As the gates opened and those keen enough to brave the conditions slowly collected in the car park. It was soon evident that the numbers taking part this year would be part of the lowest turn out so far. Maybe the weather had put some off or maybe because it was a Bank Holiday and people were away following other pursuits we couldn't tell. One had been beaten by the weather, and that was Louis who was a great charmer who took part last year.

Although the weather was better suited to creatures with webbed feet, those who had turned up were as a keen a bunch as ever. It's great to see the enthusiasm these youngsters have for the chance of catching a few fish.
Luckily some of that rubs off onto the helpers and keeps up their otherwise damp spirits.

Once again the concentration of these youngsters was soon evident. Here we had a young lad fishing with a pole and confident enough to be left on his own for awhile. It makes a change to see a youngster trying his hand at something other than sitting behind buzzers waiting for the inevitable beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. Altough conditions for pole fishing were non too easy, with the wind gusting across the lake and making the balancing of a pole difficult for even veteran anglers, this young lad coped extremely well.
This young lad (Chris) was under Billy's wing and it was soon obvious he had fished before. Billy set him to fishing fairly close in using float tactics. Bites were hard to come by in the poor conditions and as luck would have it, the first bite came as Chris was also having his first bite of the day as he tucked into his elevensies. Alas, that fish slipped the hook and Chris was left pondering the fate. If things didn't work out with float tactics, Billy had a feeder set up in reserve. It was when Chris changed to the feeder, his firstfish came.
A great variation of methods were being used. Here we have an intent young lad learning the finer arts of fishing with a quiver tip rod. I remember my first few tips on this method of fishing, some years back from a guy called 'Chopped Worm'. He told me to sit on my hands and wait till the tip went right round. It's all too easy to strike at the little movements caused by line bites.
This lad was under Patrick Loten's guiding hand. He was soon skillfully tempting a fish to the net. His adopted tactics were open feeder and maggots for the hook bait. He ahd caught carp before, but I think this was to be the first mirror carp he had caught.
Richie and his son Ellis were probably the driest taking place. Richie had seen the forecast and cleverly packed his profile brollie. Ellis was fishing with boilies and pva bags of pellets. He wanted to try this method as he had used the pole and a float rod before. It wasn't long before he was bringing a few carp to the net.
As the weather took a turn for the worse, even the helpers attempted to keep dry out of the rain.

Those fishing the bypass bank were very optimistic indeed, for they were floater fishing on hte surface. Their optimism was soon rewarded with a steady number of carp mopping up the chum mixers as fast as they were throwing them in. As all carp, even the smaller ones seem to have an inbred knack of eating the free offerings and ignoring the one on the hook. But, when competition for freebies increased the carp soon started to make mistakes and before long one was being played to the net with a guiding hand.

Here are 2 common carp that fell to a fake mixer during torrential rain. Surface fishing is what you normally expect to try when the sun is out, but it proved successful on this occasion.
Once again we must thank Gary Goddard for his help and getting sponsorship in the form of goodie bags for all.

A few more pictures from the 2007 Fish-in

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