Junior Fish-in...28th May 2006
After last years resounding success...'the Junior Fish in 2006' took place once again on long lake.

For those of you that can remember last year....the weather was non too kind. In fact it was a day of easterly winds and constatnt drizzle. This time the 'God of fishing' was smiling down on us and we had a dry day. For most of the time there was even some sun shine. Bearing in mind the last couple of weeks, I think we can be thankful. As last year, the event was well attended and helpers and young anglers alike were hoping for a few good fish.
It is truly amazing at how quick some of the youngsters can pick up the knack. It might be the that some have an inbred talent for fishing or dare I say that the likes of Billy, Dave, Pat, Lance, Richie, Rod, Gary and others (whose names escape me) are such wonderful tutors. Let's put it down to a bit of both.
The event had been running for about an hour before this young lad was captured on camera. He looks like he's been pole fishing many a time. But, as it turned out, it was his first time. His concentration was amazing, not to mention the way he handled a pole that was probably 5 times longer than he was tall. Billy was certainly doing well at the bypass end of the lake.
After some hard fishing....anglers, helpers, mums and dads take a well earned break for lunch. When fishing resumed, it was the first taste of competition for these youngsters. A prize was to be given to the captors of the three biggest fish caught in the afternoon spell. The young anglers had aprrox 3 and a half hours to catch that whopper.
It wasn't long before the shout of 'scales' could be heard up and down the lake. I think the first good fish was a tench that Louis (or maybe Lewis) put on the bank. Gary had certainly worked hard on Louis's account and the reward speaks for itself. I think that this mgiht mean Louis is hooked himself and will want to fish again.
This mirror weighing in at 9lbs was caught at the by-pass road bank by Ellis Silvester on the pole. Bait was white and pink maggots. It actually landed Ellis first prize at the end of the day.

This was one of the fine bream caught during the afternoon spell. Most of the fish like this bream were the biggest fish these juniors had caught before. In some cases it was the first time they had actually bream, tench and carp.

Yet another junior displays one of the bream caught during the afternoon competition. Alas, non of the bream proved big enough to land one of the top three prizes which all fell to carp.
The sponsors had once again come up trumps and everyone went home with a goodie bag.

A few more pictures from the 2006 Junior Fish-in

A thumbs up from James and Luke Maxim

Special prize of the day went to Louis
for the most line bites!

Ellis....winner of the first prize

Second prize winner

James with one of the few common carp caught

A group shot after the event

A few more shots from the event

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