Newsletter for Winter 2023

Dear Members,

Welcome to the Winter newsletter with best wishes to you all for the upcoming Christmas period. It is hoped that you have all enjoyed the season so far and that you will continue to do so over the coming months.


The date of the 2024 AGM is scheduled for Friday 16th February 2024. The Fishbourne Centre, in Blackboy Lane, Fishbourne will again be the venue for this event as it has historically catered well for both the number of attendees and in providing ample free car parking and a bar facility for refreshments for those who wish to avail themselves. The start time for the AGM will as usual be 7.30 pm, with members asked not to arrive before 7.00 pm to allow time for the room to be duly set up, and is open to all Full Members who must present their current Membership Books on arrival. Day and Full Associates do not have voting rights as laid out in the terms of your Membership and are therefore not entitled to attend an AGM but can at any point in time during the course of the year, send in any suggestions which will be fully discussed by the members of the Committee at their monthly meetings.

Any full member wishing to put forward a proposal for the 2024 AGM must do so in writing to myself, Carole Baker, be either email to or post to my home address as outlined in your Membership Book. All proposals must be received by Tuesday 16th January 2024 and any member submitting a proposal must then attend the AGM in person if it is to be fully discussed and voted on by the members present on the night. As is the case every year, we invite anyone who feels that they would like to join the existing committee to submit their interest to me in writing by the AGM proposals deadline date of 16th January 2023 for full discussion by the Committee and to be actioned at the AGM itself if Committee spaces are available. A full AGM agenda will be made available to members via post (for those who have requested a hard copy newsletter) or on the group Facebook Page and Website in early February 2024.

Now to other matters of potential interest to some or all of you: –

Pike Teach-In

Another successful event took place in early October. Organized by Sam Chrystal, the weather this year was significantly kinder than previous years and attendance numbers were much higher probably as a result. Feedback from attendees was very positive with everyone having both an enjoyable and informative day.


Many members have complained this season about the noise created by the aerators, especially during nighttime hours. The aerators are only run when it is deemed essential to ensure the best welfare of the fish stocks and with electricity bills running towards £1500.00 per month when all the units are operational consecutively, it is not a decision ever taken lightly or without due consideration. The Committee work tirelessly to check water quality and oxygen readings, especially in the warmer months and when readings suggest there is any cause for concern, the aerators are run as a precautionary measure to avoid potential problems arising whereby the fish could be adversely affected. Again in 2023, several waters lost large volumes of valuable fish stocks due to poor water quality and again in 2023, CDAS managed to avoid any major losses through poor water quality. If the aerators are running, please accept that there is a very good reason for it and never interfere with the units themselves.

New Fish Stocking and Movement

The Committee have made a purchase of some new carp which have gone into Churchyard and Whyke Lakes. Photographs of the new additions is on the group Facebook page and website for those members who like to identify their catches. With the biomass in Long Lake now at a critical level, it is the intention of the Fishery Manager to undertake some movement of the larger specimens and relocate them into Quarry and with some of the older and most badly damaged fish in Quarry being “retired” to the stock pond. Fish movement must be undertaken under the strict control of the Fishery Manager at all times and members are reminded that they must never decide to return any catch to a different water on the complex unless specifically authorized to do so.

Barbless Hooks

Having trialed the use of barbless or crushed barbed hooks for some time it has been decided that although there has been a positive decline in the number of fish becoming tethered, there have been many occasions where bailiffs have done rig checks and found members either using barbed hooks or badly crushed barbed hooks. For this reason and to avoid any future ambiguity on this subject, from the start of the 2024 season i.e. 14.4.2024 ONLY barbless hooks will be permitted across the entire complex and any member found using either a barbed or crushed barb hook after that time should expect to be sanctioned for their actions. Please ensure you have updated all your rigs to conform to this requirement before the date stated above.

Membership Books

There have been some wording changes made to the 2024/25 season book to try to better clarify certain requirements which members have queried over the course of this season. Please do read through your book very carefully when you renew your membership, to make certain that you are always fully compliant.

General Information

The continuing decline in the number of bank branches has finally resulted in the branch of Lloyds used historically by the Membership Secretary to bank cheque payments closing its doors this year. Logistically this will mean that Mrs Carver will need to undertake the 2024 banking in Chichester or Worthing which is far from ideal. Can any member who has historically paid for their membership renewals by cheque, please give some consideration to utilizing the automated bank transfer facility offered by all major banks for their 2024 renewals. This will not only ensure your renewal is processed more quickly, but also assist Mrs Carver enormously if she has to make fewer trips to a branch of Lloyds. Cheques will obviously still be an option for renewing members but there may be a delay in processing renewals and subsequently issuing Membership Books if using this method of payment and therefore members who wish to pay by cheque should allow a bit of extra time for their paperwork and payment to be processed to ensure they have their new books back in readiness for the 2024/5 season.

And finally, with the continuing cost of living crisis and to try to assist our members, it has been decided to freeze the current price of all types of Membership i.e. Junior, Senior, Pensioner and Associate for the 2024/5 season.

All that remains is to thank you for taking the time to read the above which I hope you found to be informative and useful.

Kind regards
Carole Baker

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