Newsletter for Autumn 2023

Dear Members,

Welcome to the Autumn newsletter with some information for all members, old and new.

With the 2023/4 season now well underway, I do hope that many of you are enjoying some special visits to the complex whether for a few hours or a full 48-hour session.

Please take a few moments to read through the information set out below. Some of which will be of interest hopefully and some of which will be information and guidance on important matters that you will all need to take on board.

SAFE ANGLING PRACTICE – It has been observed that several members are regularly leaving their swims while their rods are still in the water to go along the bank to have a chat or a quick cuppa with a mate. While this is obviously not in itself a problem if anglers are in adjacent swims which are close together, the fact that in the majority of cases the rods are out of sight of the angler for protracted periods of time, can result in fish becoming tethered in weed and lily pads. This is obviously not good practice and all members are asked to always keep their rods in sight all the time they are actively fishing and not wander too far along the bank without first winding in and leaving their rods safe and unbaited if they want to visit another angler for any reason.

It has been noted that some members although carrying a high sided cradle with them when fishing, are regularly failing to actually use them to unhook their catches. Not only carrying but also using your high sided mat is the correct and best way to ensure that your capture is not damaged by coming in contact with the bank and can be safely returned to the water.

FACEBOOK PAGE – Following the resignation of Sam Chrystal from the CDAS Committee earlier this year, Gary Woolmore another Committee member has now taken on the position of Moderator for this platform and has asked that I set out for anyone wanting to join the group, exactly what is needed to enable you to be successfully added. The best way to ensure you have supplied what is required is to enter your full membership number in the box on the application page of the Facebook group and then take a clear photograph of the inside back page of your Membership Book where your full details and your personal headshot photo are stored. You should then visit the CDAS website and follow the link from there. If you fail to supply any of the above, the Moderator will not be able to process your application, and you will then have to start the entire process again. As Facebook is, for the vast majority of you, the easiest way to keep up to date with everything happening on site in real time, anyone who is happy to use this platform is actively encouraged to join the group.

PIKE TEACH-IN – I am pleased to confirm that the Society will again be conducting a pike teach-in session. This year’s event will take place on 8th October 2023, in line with the start of the pike fishing season itself and any member wishing to actively undertake predatory fishing for pike and has not previously attended a teach-in must attend the 2023 course prior to attempting to catch pike on site. The teach-in will again be organized by Sam Chrystal who many of you will know is an avid pike angler himself and interested persons should make early contact with Sam via his dedicated email address of to be put on the list of attendees for the event. Sam will then supply you with all the information you will need, in due course.

MAIN GATE – It cannot be stressed strongly enough how absolutely vital it is for each and every member to securely padlock the main gate each and every time they enter and leave the complex. Site security is extremely important not only to avoid unwanted personnel from entering the complex but also to protect the cars, equipment and indeed members themselves while they are using the facilities. It has regrettably been necessary to sanction a member for failing to observe this requirement so please do be extra vigilant and ensure that you do your bit to keep the complex safe and secure at all times.

WEED – Some members have been expressing their views on the levels of weed on some of the lakes at present. The Fishery Manager is in close contact with the company who have historically assisted us when weed levels become too challenging and has agreed three dates in September (18th,19th and 20th) for some weed removal to take place. Please bear with us until such time as we are able to organize some safe removal of sections of the weed where it is needed and be assured that this is in the safe hands of our Fishery Manager at the present time.

MAGIC TWIG PRODUCT – Many of you will have seen the discussion on the Facebook page relating to this product which has recently been extensively promoted.

With very mixed reviews thus far, the jury is currently out on the suitability or otherwise of this item but for the time being a decision has been made NOT to allow members to use it anywhere on site. Hopefully this will avoid any member spending money on something which may end up being permanently excluded but that decision will be made in due course and broadcast on the usual platforms.

SUGGESTIONS FROM MEMBERS – It is probably a good time to remind long term members and inform those new to the complex this year that any suggestions or observations on anything related to the site itself and indeed the individual lakes and facilities can be sent by email in the first instance to myself at or for discussion by the members of the Committee at their monthly meetings. Ultimately the Committee are there to serve all of you as members and your feedback is invaluable in establishing what you want from your club so that the Committee can appraise the viability and if appropriate, plan a course of action accordingly.

So, there you have it. Some information which some of you may find of interest and some information which every member really needs to take on board.

Enjoy the rest of the season and lets all keep CDAS one of the best fisheries available in the area where all anglers of whatever persuasion can enjoy a good time doing what they love best – fishing!

Take care all and watch out for the next newsletter which will contain details of the 2024 AGM along with anything which has happened between now and then and may be of importance or just general interest.

Kind regards
Carole Baker

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Autumn 2023