News letter for December 2021

Dear Members,

As 2021 draws swiftly towards a close this is the final newsletter for this year, and from next year, on your renewal form, you will need to “opt in” if you wish to receive a hard copy. Many members have expressed a willingness to read these newsletters online and while any member can ask to continue to receive future newsletters in paper format, it is hoped that the majority will be happy to read the contents either via the Facebook page, the website or the noticeboard on site.

This year has thankfully been far less disrupted despite the continuing spectre of Covid 19 and many of our members have recorded some fantastic catches and really beautiful looking fish. I hope that many of you have been able to take full advantage of the complex and enjoyed many memorable days on site.

I am pleased to confirm that as things stand there will be an AGM in 2022 which is currently scheduled for Thursday 17th February 2022. We are once again booked in at the Fishbourne Social Club, Blackboy Lane, Fishbourne. The meeting will commence at 7.30pm and the doors will open at 7.15pm. As the hall is being used by others until 6.30 again this year, please be punctual but allow us time to set up the room and please bring your membership book with you in accordance with Rule 17 of the Society. Admission to the AGM is open to all Full Members but Associate Members are not allowed to attend the meeting. They can however ask for anything they wish to be discussed by the Committee via an email to myself at any time during the year and I will be happy to relay their enquiry to the Committee members at their monthly meetings. With Covid cases still high and to enable all attendees to feel as safe as possible, please can all those coming to the AGM kindly wear a face covering if possible.

Eligible members who wish to put forward a proposal at the 2022 AGM, must submit their proposals in writing to myself, Carole Baker, at the above address, no later than Thursday 20th January 2022 and must then attend the AGM in person, for the matter to be discussed. You can also submit your proposals by email to, but again, these must be received by the same date and are subject to attendance at the AGM itself if the proposal is to be discussed. I will be sending a full agenda to you all in early February and as usual, the reverse of this will contain the renewal application form which you may wish to complete and bring along with you to hand over to the Membership Secretary as an alternative to utilizing the postal system. As notified in the last newsletter, the Membership Secretary hopes to start processing renewals a littler earlier next year and I am therefore attaching the first renewal form to the reverse of this newsletter for anyone wishing to deal with matters early. There is no obligation to renew at this juncture and all members will have until 30th April 2022 to finalise their decision, but some members do prefer to get organized well in advance of the cut off date and for that reason the first renewal paperwork is being issued now.

Now to a couple of other points which may be of interest to you at this time: -

Carp teach-ins and Pike teach-in - Kev White undertook two carp teach-in sessions this year, both of which were well attended and with very positive feedback from attendees. Mark Luffman was able to organize a pike teach-in this year and accommodate all members who wished to attend and who it was not possible to accommodate last year due to the Covid restrictions in place. The weather was thankfully much kinder than previous events and again was very well attended. I am sure you will all join me in extending thanks to both Kevin and Mark for giving up their time freely to undertake these events and impart knowledge to improve and enhance your future attendances at the complex.

On site works – It has been another challenging year for the club in terms of maintaining the site. Water quality was closely monitored and thankfully with less extremely hot weather over the Summer, combined with the regular use of the aerators, all of the lakes have recorded good oxygen levels throughout. Long Lake did display signs of problems early in the season but with swift action, a potential major problem was averted with only minimal disruption to our members. A programme of swim rebuilding and repair has greatly enhanced many areas of the site and tree maintenance and management remains an ongoing and constant battle. It may be necessary to close the complex for an odd day if more major works are needed over the coming months but should this be necessary, plenty of advance warning will be posted on the Facebook page, website and noticeboard on site.

All that remains is for me to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year and hope you all continue to enjoy your fishing over the coming months.

Kind Regards Carole Baker Secretary

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