It would be a good time to familiarize yourselves
with the rules and by-laws as we tend to forget some of them



All Nets Mats and Weigh Slings must be dipped before being taken the bank side. The dip tanks are next to the toilet block. All items must be removed from their bags and must be fully immersed in the dip tank. (There are no excuses for failure to abide by this rule.)
Here is a reminder of the type of unhooking mat we allow and do not allow on cdas waters. Cradles or high sided mats are compulsory no matter what species of fish you are targeting.

unhooking mats
Fishing is with TWO rods only until 1st October. From the 1st October each season, members of the Society may fish the Society’s waters with three rods at any one time. The use of three rods ends at midnight on 14th March after which only two rods are allowed. Fishing in two lakes at the same time is not permitted.
As from 1st Jan. 1987 all lead weights from 1oz to No. 8 shot, inclusive, are banned from use on the Society’s waters.
No baited hook should be left unattended in or out of the water.
All anglers must carry with them and use a fish care kit of some description and treat fish as and when necessary if there is any visible damage to a fish caught.
Members must always use a high sided unhooking mat or cradle type at all times, except in designated club matches. All mats must be appropriately padded and of good quality and condition.
The use of braided mainline is not allowed as a main fishing line
but may be used for a marker float and for spodding.
For general carp or pike fishing a landing net must have minimum
36'' (90cm) arms or 24'' (60cm) diameter.
If members are sharing swims there must be no more than 4 rods out in one swim at any one time except for Long Lake where the rule is two rods only per swim. i.e., one rod per angler.
Members must use barbless hooks when fishing Quarry, Long and Little Long.
No fishing tackle or fishing rods with line and hook are to be left in a swim unattended for more than 45 minutes. All sizeable fish, 1⁄2lb + to be landed by net.
Three keep nets must be used in any match on the Societies lakes
and these are provided along with landing nets.
No other keepnets to be used on Society lakes.


A maximum of 2kgs of prepared bait per 24-hour period is permitted.
There must be no pre-baiting or feeding swims unless a member is actually occupying and fishing that swim.
Peanuts are not permitted on any of the Society lakes.


Hook size no larger than size 4 to be used.
No bent shanked hooks to be used.
No leads that cannot come free if the line breaks and no fixed leads.
Please remember that lead core must only be fixed to a swivel at one end - lead and clip must be free to drop off if main line breaks.
Only one hook per line, no doubles or trebles.
Landing nets must have minimum 36'' (90cm)arms or 24'' (60cm)diameter.
A high sided unhooking mat or cradle type must be used.
All mats must be appropriately padded and of good quality and condition.
This applies to all members - no sharing of equipment.


Only members in possession of a special “PIKE FISHING STAMP” will be allowed to fish in Chichester & District Angling Society waters.
These stamps will be free of charge to all members who attend a pike ‘teach -in’ and satisfy Society Officials they are in possession of the minimum of suitable equipment to fish for and handle pike when caught.
Monofilament main line must have a minimum breaking strain of 15lbs.
Wire traces must be a minimum length of 24'' (60cm) and not less than 25lbs breaking strain must be used. We recommend plastic coated wire.
Landing nets must be knotless with a minimum of 36'' (90cm) arms or 24'' (60cm) diameter. We recommend rubber coated mesh.
A high sided unhooking mat or cradle type must be used.
All mats must be appropriately padded and of good quality and condition.
Minimum 12'' (30cm) artery forceps.
Long side cutters (Fox, Grey etc)
able to cut the strongest treble hook points off when caught
in soft throat tissue or gill rakers must be used.
Adequate carp/pike weigh sling.
We recommend rubber coated material.
No more than two treble hooks may be used on any one trace.
We do not allow the use of x/strong trebles.
A sensitive and effective bite detection system which registers “drop back” as well as runs.
All plugs and spinners must have barbless treble hooks.
Fishing for pike is restricted to October 1st through to midnight on the 14th of March in any Society waters.
When perch fishing with live or dead bait, wire traces must be used. Live bait must only be used from the lake in which they were caught. All trebles must be barbless except for the bait holding hook.
The use of Gaffs and Gags are prohibited.


The use of leaders for fishing, including lead core, (mainline to hook link) is banned from use.
No surface fished baits are to be used.
One rod only to be used per angler. A maximum of two anglers and two rods per swim. From October 1st until March 14th an angler may use two rods but the two rods per swim rule still applies.


Adult members are allowed to take a child (16 and under) fishing with them free of charge in certain areas of the complex.
The child must fish in the same swim as the member with one rod and be under the constant supervision of the adult member at all times (no night fishing).
Any member can bring ONE child under the age of 16 onto the complex to actively fish either Long Lake or Little Long in the area from the main bank down towards the A27 between Long Lake and Whyke Lake during daylight hours.
The footpath bank and bottom bank adjacent to the A27 are excluded due to their inaccessibility for vehicular access should it be needed in an emergency.
The ONE child must stay at all times with the member and under their constant supervision.
If a member wishes to bring TWO or MORE under 16’s to the complex, they will then need to bring along a second adult- OVER 18 and NOT fishing, whose sole responsibility will be to oversee the safety and wellbeing of the under 16’s for the duration of their visit.
Adults and children may only occupy one swim.


Adult members may obtain Guest Tickets during each season to take a guest in his/her company to fish the Society’s waters at prices ruling at the time.
Day Guest tickets are available from local tackle shops for members to purchase.
No night fishing with these tickets - fishing hours are dawn to sunset on the day.
Tickets are available for all lakes.
If fishing a Society match the holder can fish until end of the match.
Members may purchase as many day guest tickets as they wish.
Any member wishing to purchase a Guest Ticket (day or 24 hour) must ask the Guest if they have been expelled, suspended or refused membership to the Society.
If they have been expelled, suspended or refused membership to the Society they are not allowed to have a Guest Ticket purchased for them.
A declaration to this effect on is on all Guest Tickets issued and must be signed by the member and Guest.
Guest 24-hour tickets are only obtainable from SAS Donnington Road Chichester.
These are limited to 3 x 24-hour guest tickets per season, per member.
When purchasing these, members must produce their membership book and this will be marked accordingly.
No 24-hour guest tickets are available for Whyke or Churchyard lakes.
No 24-hour tickets will be issued for weekends.
Weekends are deemed to run from midday Friday to midday Sunday.
No Day Associate Members can purchase 24-hour guest tickets.
The Committee may control the issue of all Guest Tickets as they see fit.
Members are responsible for their guest’s actions whilst on Society’s Property.
All fishing guests must be in the same or an adjacent swim to the member and the member is fully responsible for their guest’s behaviour and adhering to all rules and bylaws.
Any Member whose guest is found in breach of the Societies rules and bylaws will as a member of the Society, be held accountable.
All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times.
Non-fishing guests must be off the complex before dark.
If you have a partner or friend that you wish to come as a non-fishing guest after dark, please contact the Membership Secretary for how to proceed.
Any Member whose guest is found in breach of the Societies rules and bylaws will as a member of the Society, be held accountable.
All must be in the member’s swim.
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