It would be a good time to familiarize yourselves
with the rules as we tend to forget some of them

Dear Members, There have been recent reports of avian bird flu in our area.
There is a small risk of transmissability to humans and the public are being asked to report sightings of dead birds if they are found.
Please be vigilant when on site and if any member does encounter anything which may need reporting, please,
in the first instance report their findings either on the group Facebook page or to a member of the Committee
who will get this investigated and the information passed on to the appropriate authorities.
Grateful thanks as always to you all from the Committee for your assistance with keeping a close eye on this situation.

Dear Members, Just a quick note primarily for our new members. We have a licence to shoot a certain number of cormorants every year and as they have started making a regular appearance on site, please do not be alarmed if you see one of our designated and authorised representatives walking around with a shotgun. Every endeavour is made to despatch the birds when the complex is quiet so this message is only for information. As a secondary process, the gas gun will be in operation intermittently and this may also cause concern to any member who has not been on site while it was active before. It can seem very loud when you are not expecting it so again this is purely for information purposes. Hopefully neither of the above will now cause anyone undue concern.
Swims and Complex Closure

Dear Members, With no close season this year we are having to undertake some essential works around the entire site while we remain open. Some works will be repairing swims and some works will require use of the boats. Please bear with us over the coming weeks as these works progress and while every effort will be made to minimise the effect on your own angling, please accept that your favourite swim may be closed while it is being repaired or the boat may need to occupy the area of a lake in proximity to where you are fishing. It will be necessary at some point in time to close the complex completely for one day from a health and safety perspective, to allow the tractor and flail to go around the whole site and you will be given advance notice of this both on this forum and on the noticeboard so please look out for more information on this in due course. Advance thanks to you all for your understanding and cooperation over the coming weeks.
Guest Tickets and Spodding

Dear Members, The Committe have discussed both spodding and guest tickets at their monthly meeting and wish to now convey the following:- Effective from Friday 13th August, members will be permitted to start spodding again. The 2kg bait limit remains in effect and everyone needs to observe this limit if spodding is to continue. Should it become apparent that excess bait is again entering the lakes it will be necessary to re-suspend spodding and also suspend the use of baiting poles so please spod responsibly and keep to the maximum permissible bait overall.
Effective from Monday 16th August, members will be permitted to purchase guest tickets to bring a friend along to the complex. However, for the time being and to assess the impact on how busy the lakes become, only day tickets can be purchased from the usual outlets and are set at £15.00 per ticket and a maximum of 3 tickets per member for the period from 16th August to the end of the season. Your book will be marked to ensure no more than 3 tickets can be purchased during this timeframe to make it fair for all members.
Guest tickets are again on sale by SAS, Aldwick Angling and Arun Angling and will be priced at £15.00 per ticket for seniors and £7.50 per ticket for junior and pensioners. Members will need to produce their Membership Book, the EA License number and full details of their guest and the appropriate fee when making each purchase in the usual way.
Hand Sanitiser

Dear Members, Although today is officially the legal end of Covid restrictions, the Committee are of the opinion that with cases rising rapidly, to remove the need for hand sanitiser would, at this time be foolhardy. For that reason we will continue to operate the sanitiser stations on site and ask all members to please continue to carry and use their own regularly as well. If we all do this one simple process when handling gates and padlocks and when using the toilets then we will all be doing our best to stop the spread of this awful virus and protect ourselves and our fellow anglers. Sincerest thanks for your continued support of this decision.
Feeling Unwell

Dear members, For those of you who are sensible and considerate I will apologise now as this post does not relate to you. Please if you are feeling unwell with any ailment especially diarrhoea and vomiting can you please stay away from the club waters. Any virus not just Covid is contagious and you should stay in the confines of your home. Also if you have recently been unwell needing hospital intervention and if on new medication the complex is not the place to recouperate. Our bailiffs should not have to deal with what has occurred this last 24hrs. Many thanks CDAS committee.

Dear members We are please to announce that as of 7am 13/07/21, the temporary 1kg bait limit will be lifted and we will return to 2kg per 24hrs as is written in your book. We will be continuing to monitor water quality strictly and may have to impose such restrictions again should we see levels drop. But for now please continue to fish sensibly and enjoy the complex.
Thank you, Cdas Comm


Dear Members,
The Committee is delighted to confirm that the complex is now open and we can welcome back our long term members as well as those new to the club this season. As many of you will know, the fish began spawning a few weeks ago and the decision to close for a short period of time was made. It had been hoped to reopen with the usual June 16th date but as the spawning process drew to a close, the complex, like many other fisheries in our region, experienced a serious crash in oxygen levels on its waters. The Committee has therefore spent the past week both constantly checking water quality from very early each morning until late in the evening, running aerators as and when needed and poised ready to move fish at short notice if distress on any particular lake was apparent. Due to this diligence and quick action, I am pleased to report that no fish loses have occurred.
As we reopen, it is necessary to ask everyone to restrict bait to
1kg per 24 hr maximum
until such time as water quality returns to normal.
PLEASE adhere fully to this directive as failure to do so could easily tip the balance to a point where all or part of the complex will need to close again. If everyone can reduce the amount of bait entering the water for a short period of time, you can hopefully all enjoy your sport uninterrupted and without any more restrictions. Please also ensure your fish care kits are in good working order and you use the dip tanks every visit. The Committee extend their thanks for your co-operation and support during this difficult period and wish you all a good and productive season ahead.

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