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Barbless Hooks Update Please Read

CDAS Membership Secretary Update
Wednesday 20th May 2020

Booking onto PDAC waters
Slots available to CDAS members DAYS only 7am to 7pm
Coombe Pond, Nyewood Ponds, Bo Peep Pond

DO NOT fish in swims marked with hazard tape.


Go to PDAC website and follow link on home page
“Take Me To Booking System”
Read the rules and instructions and
scroll to bottom of page double click on
“take me to bookings”

Register and fill in all your details using your Chichester membership number
instead of the PDAC number. Book a slot.

There is a help line no if you have issues.

Make sure you have the confirmation on your phone or a hard copy and your CDAS book when you visit the waters.
Car park permits are available through the CDAS, SAS tackle and from
Steve Chapman of the PDAC based in Bognor call 07510 676729
to arrange to collect a car permit.

You are allowed to book 2 slots every rolling seven days.

All the lakes have been adapted to allow social distancing so we have a limited number
of swims available each day
10 on Nyewood and Coombe and 5 on Bo Peep.

Please note gate codes have changed this year
and are on the pack of the car park permit.

CDAS Membership Secretary Update
Friday 1st May 2020

As the usual cutoff date for renewals has now passed, the Membership Secretary
would like to gauge how many of the club's members who have opted to take advantage
of the renewal extension period until 31st July,
are definitely intending to issue their confirmations within the next 13 weeks.

Can anyone who falls into this category please contact the Membership Secretary by email text or phone
at their earliest opportunity to enable her to reserve your membership place.

Please also remember that until such time as a membership has been confirmed
by means of the issue of a new membership book,
no access to the complex for any reason is permissible and a period of 21 days
between sending in a renewal and receipt of a membership book needs to be allowed for.

Thank you for your kind attention to this request.
It is greatly appreciated to assist with the continued smooth running of the club.

CDAS Committee Update
Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Members have asked if they can access the complex
for the purposes of exercise since the government directive
on travelling to and from a given point have now been better clarified.

With a membership of 850 and no clear way to conduct such a facility,
combined with the fact that we are currently observing the close season and undertaking
some necessary repair and maintenance works involving our heavy machinery,
there are no plans at the current time to allow access to the complex.

It is regrettable that this will undoubtedly disappoint many members
and the Committee are keeping regular checks on the government directives.

As soon as social distancing measures are lifted sufficiently
to be able to allow members back onto the complex safely
in whatever capacity, you can rest assured that a suitable post will be circulated.

In the meantime please continue to stay safe and well.
Tuesday 24th March 2020
Dear members,
It is clear that many of you are currently concerned about how the Committee
will deal with renewals given that some of you will
unfortunately have unexpected financial restraints as a result of the current crisis.

The reason that there has been a short delay in putting up a post on this matter
is because it is vital for the right options to be made available to those most in need
of assistance while ensuring that the Society can continue to function
and pay its bill's until we come out of the other side of this horrible time.

Any member who has not already renewed will receive their final reminder shortly
and there will be a covering enclosure setting out how
those who need to can be allowed some additional breathing space.
It is hoped that only members who genuinely need to take advantage
of this will do so and in this way the Committee will endeavour
to ensure every existing member can keep their memberships intact if they wish to.

Monday 23rd March 2020


Dear Members
It is with regret that following tonight's press release from our Prime Minister
we now have no choice but to close the complex forthwith
and until such time as the current restrictions on movement are relaxed.
No further access to site by any member will now be permitted
and the padlocks will be changed to ensure that this is adhered to by all.

The Society will follow all legislated procedures throughout the current crisis
and further notifications will be issued as matters progress.

Once again the Committee extend their sincerest thanks
for your co-operation and support during these unprescedented times.

End of Pike Fishing Season

Members are reminded that the use of 3 rods will officially end at midnight tonight.(13th March 2020)
As has historically been the case, any overnight anglers can continue to use 3 rods until 0800 hours tomorrow morning,
at which time the third rod must be wound in.
All members must observe the 2 rod limit from 0800 hours tomorrow
as laid out clearly in your membership books under the general and tackle heading directly after by-law 27."
Hopefully this is explanatory enough for our lovely members.

Complex Update

Following the recent bad weather and significant rainfall over several weeks,
the complex is currently saturated in many areas with several swims under water.

For the foreseeable future all members are asked to ensure they arrive at the complex
armed with wellington boots as they will need them to land their catches safely
into their cradles before returning them to the water.

This process will inevitably require walking to the front of flooded swims,
as landing fish into the water currently covering these affected swims is clearly not acceptable.

Your assistance with this request until things dry up a bit is greatly appreciated.


1) Renewal forms are on back of the AGM letter as it states.
They also will be on website.
If you’ve thrown AGM letter away without reading it and didn’t know it was on back.
The club generally sends out another but this isn’t a certainty so be aware.

2) Season ends 31st April so renewals will need to be in before season ends as renewal date is also 31 st April.
There’s no room to extend renewal date as it’s a massive job for the membership secretary.
So if you want to fish you need to either photocopy the back page or your book
or take a picture on your mobile so when bailiffing we know you have
a valid membership as it needs to be on you if you on complex.

3) Please see you can now pay for membership via bank transfer.
Please ensure you follow the guidance as stated on renewal letter.
Not putting your name and ID on the reference or sending it the receipt
will make it highly likely your membership won’t be processed as we won’t know whose money is whose.

Season extension

In recognition of the interruptions to available fishing on occasion during the 2019-20 season
it has been decided to extend the current season by a two week period
and the close season will therefore not commence until midnight on 30th April 2020.


The CDAS Committee has voted in favour of lifting the current ban on spodding on the complex with immediate effect.
Members are however reminded that the bait limit as set out in your membership book
remains unchanged and all members are asked to ensure that they fully comply
with this rule as sanctions will be served on anyone found in possession of excessive amounts of bait.

Whyke update.

The Committee has decided to reopen Whyke Lake with effect from midday on Friday 13th December you can set up from 10 AM.
Members are asked to remember that the spodding and spombing suspension remains in force and the 2kg bait limit must be observed.
If possible, for the first few weeks and given the need to monitor the lake closely,
can members very kindly supply feedback on their catches (weight and condition in particular)
to either the Secretary, any of the Bailiffs, the Fishery Manager or via a Facebook post.
This will enable the Committee to collect data on how the lake is responding
to being reopened and your assistance with this is greatly appreciated.


All members please note the following from the November 2019 Newsletter

Given the problems with maintaining good water quality it has been decided to re-introduce
a ban on spodding and spombing across the entire complex with effect from
1st December 2019
All members are required to adhere to this interim rule and sanctions
will need to be handed out to any member found to not be observing it.
It is appreciated that such measures are never popular but there is little doubt
that large volumes of bait entering the lakes does have a detrimental effect on water quality
and this course of action will hopefully help to address this issue.
The decision to stop spodding and spombing does not alter the current 2kg per day bait limit as set out in your Membership Books.

Whyke update.

Hi All,
Update on Whyke lake:

EA Letter.
I can confirm that I have had the results back from the Environment Agency Laboratory at Brampton.
They have confirmed that the results have come back negative for Koi Herpesvirus, Carp Edema Virus and Spring Viraemia of Carp.
These results have been taken from the two mirror carp samples that I collected on 29th and 30th October 2019.
However, given the small sample size and deteriorated state of the fish
(as they had been dead for some time before being collected),these results should be interpreted with caution.

Nonetheless, I do believe that the mortality event is most likely to have occurred
due to a considerable reduction in oxygen levels as mentioned by the anglers/fishery bailiffs.
This is expected to have occurred due to the swift decrease in phytoplankton (algae)
abundance which produce oxygen via photosynthesis during the day.
The decrease in algal abundance was demonstrated by the water becoming very clear in a relatively short amount of time.
The decline in phytoplankton abundance may also have been caused by the significant number of zooplankton
present in the lake (as found by the water quality samples I took on 30/10/2019).
Oxygen production in the lake will have therefore been greatly reduced.

The action taken by the club to deploy aeration onto Whyke lake with regular water quality monitoring
will almost certainly have prevented more fish being lost.
It is a positive sign that the oxygen levels have now recovered to their normal levels
so that the aeration has been switched off.
As we are now nearing winter,
the risk of significant changes in oxygen levels is greatly reduced.

Any concerns please direct to Carole. Email:-


Carp Teach In Socials Some of you may already have heard that the club
will be organising a couple of Carp Teach-In social days. Currently two dates have been earmarked,
being Saturday 5th October and Wednesday 9th October with an 8am meet up by the containers
in the top car park for a hot drink and time for an initial opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
You are invited to bring along your own tackle and rods as the main bank of Quarry will be closed to other members for the duration of the teach-in
so that there will be ample opportunity for some live demonstrations
and for attendees to put into practice everything that will be covered.
These teach-in sessions will be aimed primarily at new or inexperienced anglers
but anyone who feels they would benefit are also very welcome.
If you are already an experienced carp angler then these days are probably not for you
but if you are looking to focus on the larger carp for the first time or are still a relative novice
then you will hopefully gain some useful pointers to enhance your future enjoyment at the complex.
The teach-in days will be hosted by myself (Kev White) and by brother Rob
and It is intended that during the course of the day the following areas will be covered:-

How to treat wounds
How to weigh catches accurately and safely
How to hold larger fish and return them to the water safely

Question and answer time
To enable us to gauge interest in these events,
it would be good if members who think they will wish to attend
could email me at
with the date that suits them best.

Kevin White CDAS Committee Member

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