News letter for April 2022

Dear Members,

Welcome to the new season with the Chichester and District Angling Society. Please find enclosed your membership book which should be signed straight away in the space provided inside the back cover. Your membership book must be carried at all times when you are on the Society’s property. Please do make sure to read through the contents of the booklet carefully and familiarize yourself with the rules of the Society. The format of the book has been altered to try to make it more user-friendly and all members need to ensure they have read the entire contents before they start their fishing for the new season. New and old members alike should feel free to raise any queries they may have for full clarification and to ensure that they understand all the rules that apply at all times. It has been necessary in past years to impose strong sanctions on members who have not complied fully with the rule book and whilst we want all our members to have the very best experience every time they visit the complex, the primary aim of the Society must always be to protect the complex and the fish. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for taking the time to read your membership booklet and hope you will all enjoy a fantastic season of quality fishing.

Existing members will already be aware that the Committee has voted to adopt a flexible close season for the 2022/3 season as this worked very well for members and fish welfare alike last year when the complex remained open after April 15th as the fish were not showing any evidence of spawning, and closed later in the year when it was clear that they were starting the spawning process and needed their “down time” to complete the process. This change is only temporary in nature until such time as it is brought to the membership as a committee proposal for a permanent change at the deferred AGM (details below) when you as members will decide if this is something you are in agreement with moving into future seasons, or not and only a 2/3 majority vote in its favour will enable this proposal to becomes a permanent change in your membership books from 2023 onwards.

Members will need to keep abreast of notifications on the Facebook page and Website as well as the notice board on the toilet block wall where information will be regularly posted which affects members and will notify intended closures of some or all of the lakes for spawning and essential maintenance. New members should ideally join the group Facebook page where regular posts will keep you up to date with everything relating to the complex and anything which will affect your fishing in any way.

The AGM which was deferred in February while the Omicron variant was still circulating is now scheduled for Thursday 23rd June and will take place at the usual venue of The Fishbourne Centre. A full agenda will be circulated nearer the time and all members, new and old are encouraged to come along as an opportunity to meet the Committee and raise any questions or queries they may have.

Below are a few things which existing members will already be more than aware of but are always worth a memory refresh and which new members will need to fully understand and embrace from their very first attendance at the complex.

The dip tanks will remain in operation again at the start of the season. Existing members will already be aware of the absolute necessity to utilize these tanks on every visit to the complex but for new members I will clarify that the Society takes this particular rule extremely seriously and any member found failing to dip their equipment correctly prior to proceeding to the waters’ edge will face the very real possibility of a complete expulsion from the Society’s waters with immediate effect. For additional clarification, each item must be dipped independently and fully immersed, as simply dipping items contained within bags or slings does not guarantee that they will be 100% protected. Please do not let your enjoyment be curtailed for failing to undertake one very straight forward but essential process to continue to keep the lakes free of KHV and other diseases.

The complex suffers from very shallow water in many areas which can often result in a very sudden change in water quality and which the Committee monitor regularly. If you arrive at the complex and any of the aerators are running then please accept the minor disruption as it will be absolutely vital to keep the fish safe and members must not take it upon themselves to turn any equipment off.

The Fishery Manager has asked that I remind every member that it is not acceptable to move any fish from one lake to another after being caught and this matter has to be taken seriously by everyone. Relocation of fish on the complex is undertaken by the Fishery Manager or his appointed representatives only and members must not take it upon themselves to decide where any particular fish belong. The Fishery Manager has also asked that everyone using the complex be prepared and willing to treat any damaged fish that they catch with a suitable fish care product before returning them to the water. This is a requirement of all anglers from carp through pleasure angling to match anglers and if everyone will adopt this process then the fish in our lakes will greatly benefit.

Barbless or crushed barbed hooks will be the only option available from the official end of the 2021/2 season and from 16th April 2022, all members will need to ensure that they only use either completely barbless or crushed barbed (MUST NOT snag when passed through a cloth or jumper) on all areas of the complex. This is a change to the previous bylaw where restrictions only applied to certain areas of the complex and your support and understanding of this change to encompass the whole complex is greatly appreciated. Our shallow and often weeded lakes have resulted in many fish becoming tethered and adopting barbless hooks will give them the very best chance of pulling free of snags without retaining snapped rigs and line in their mouths, which I am sure you will all agree can only be beneficial to our fish stocks.

Kevin White has kindly offered to conduct another couple of carp socials later in the season and full details will be posted on the website and Facebook in due course. Once again, this will not be mandatory for all carp anglers to attend but is intended to provide an opportunity for imparting knowledge and best practices for those who feel they could benefit from the experience of the long-term carp angler. Many who attended the socials in 2021 reported that they had learned a great deal even as seasoned and long-term carp anglers, so please do not feel that these events are only for the amateur or new members as all are very welcome.

They also provide members with an opportunity to meet other anglers in a convivial atmosphere which is a very good way for new members to have a bit of social time interspersed with gaining valuable information to enhance any future visits to the complex.

The Petersfield lakes will again be available to all members as an alternative fishing venue, but please do check before arriving that there are no matches in operation. Car parking permits and the key code for the gate can be requested from SAS in Donnington, or myself and full details of the available waters are contained on the noticeboard at the complex and via a link on the website.

With a key change being incorporated into renewals this season in conjunction with a non-specific close period, the Membership Secretary has not asked members to return their old keys. It is however possible that some keys could be re-purposed which will save money for the next key change and as many renewing members as possible are therefore asked to kindly deposit their old keys into the buckets which will be located in the car park. These will be collected regularly by the bailiffs and returned to the Membership Secretary in due course. Your assistance with this is greatly appreciated as key purchases of the type used by the Society are expensive and any opportunity to keep the ongoing costs down is obviously beneficial to the club.

Finally, all that remains is for me to wish you all a great season ahead and thank each of you in advance for adhering fully to all the above as well as the rules and bylaws in your membership books to ensure that every member has the very best possible experience when visiting the CDAS waters. I sincerely hope that many of you will come along to the AGM in June to have a chance to meet your committee members and ask any questions you may have about the complex and how it is run. All are very welcome.

Kind Regards Carole Baker Secretary

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